This is a walk through video rendering of The Hub space in the design phase. Updates to the design will be made before it is finalized.

About the Hub

It has long been a goal of the Sangamon County community to have a centralized transportation hub serving various forms of public transportation needs in the County including Sangamon Mass Transit District (SMTD) buses, Greyhound and Amtrak trains.
This map overlay, oriented north in downtown Springfield, shows where the Hub will be located.

The Springfield Sangamon County Transportation Hub is planned to create ADA-compliant platforms and station facilities for loading, unloading, and transfer of Amtrak train, SMTD bus and Greyhound bus passengers. The project will also include other services and amenities to plan for convenient access to the city’s downtown district and beyond.

The Hub will be located on two blocks along the 10th Street Rail Corridor. The site is bounded by 9th and 11th Streets and by Adams and Washington Streets. It is located immediately north of the Sangamon County Complex and east of the BOS Center, a multi-purpose facility that host various large events including concerts, conventions and sports tournaments.

This centralized transportation hub will reduce travel time, relieve congestion, encourage use of public transportation and provide improved service to those who depend on public transportation in Illinois’ capital city. 

Well-planned transportation infrastructure is a proven source of civic pride. The planned transportation center may be the first and last impression that the transit customer has of the city, and therefore, it is important that those impressions are memorable in the best possible way. The county has appointed several community advisory committees to help make recommendations for programming in these spaces. 
Click here to view a LIVE CAM of the project. 


The new Amtrak Station is planned to be located in the Hub. Passengers will be able to park in a new garage at 9th St. & E. Washington St. which will be connected to the Hub and new Amtrak waiting area.

Until the project is complete, current Amtrak train passengers will continue to board and alight the train at the station located at 100 N. Third Street in Springfield, Ill.
This is a rendering of the Hub in the design phase. Updates to the design will be made before it is finalized.


The new Hub entrance will serve as the main entrance for the new Amtrak station as well as for county employees, Sangamon County residents and others who will need to access the county building for services. The interior county square space will also include a food/beverage option for all visitors and guests. You will also be able to view an exhibit space that will include information and artifacts from the 1908 Race Riot.  
This is a rendering of the Hub in the design phase. Updates to the design will be made before it is finalized.


Food/Beverage service will be in the county square on the first floor. The county has appointed a community advisory committee that is currently exploring options for this space.

Cafe Advisory Committee

Karen Conn Conn’s Hospitality Group, Inc., CEO
Casey Constant County Board Member, District 2
Trish Schlobohm Innovate Springfield, Program Director
Jay Kitterman LLCC Culinary Institute, Consultant
David Mendenhall County Board Member, District 3
Brian McFadden County Administrator
Augie Mrozowski Retired Springfield Restaurant Owner
Mike Murphy Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce, Director
Steve Schoeffel SMTD, Director
Kayla Graven Executive Director Downtown Springfield, Inc.
Dominic Watson Springfield Black Chamber of Commerce, President & CEO
Eric Black Sangamon County, Employee

Exhibit Space

Community leaders and project participants promised to the local Black community that when completed, this Hub will include an exhibit that will include several of the belongings and materials revealed during archeological excavations during the rail relocation project. These are from houses built in the 1840s that were burned to the ground by a White mob action in 1908, commonly referred to as the 1908 Race Riot. The events of these two days led to the creation of the NAACP.

The Illinois State Museum (ISM) is the repository of the archeological materials excavated on public lands and will partner with Sangamon County to design and install the exhibit. The ISM is committed to a community-centered approach for this project.

Other Amenities

Sangamon County appointed another community advisory committee that is exploring other programming options for the open public space that will be available in the transportation Hub’s county square space as well.

County Square Advisory  Committee

Mallory Beck Community Member
John Eck Community Member
Dave Kimsey Community Member, Mayor of Chatham
Sue Massie Massie Massie & Associates
Tiffany Mathis Community Member, Director of the Boys & Girls Club
Brian McFadden County Administrator
Chuck Pell CJP Architects
Joe Petty JH Petty & Associates
Stacy Reed VP of Programs/Marketing at the Community Foundation
James Schackmann County Board Member, District 11
Phil Sidles Community Member
Vera Small County Board Member, District 19
Joan Sestak UIS, Director of Community and Governmental Relations
Lisa Clemmons Stott Former Executive Director Downtown Springfield, Inc.,
Paul Wheeler Farnsworth Group
Lori Williams County Board Member, District 8

SMTD Transfer Center

Starting in 2024, the new SMTD bus transfer facilities will be fully operational. The transfer center will be located just west of 11th Street and south of East Washington Street. The new transfer center facilities will include an indoor and outdoor space for passengers to wait for their bus. The indoor facility will include vending services as well as indoor restrooms.  

The new facility will have numerous digital monitors displaying real-time route information and other SMTD messages. Passengers will be able to purchase passes they now get at SMTD’s main facility on 9th Street at a customer service window inside the new transfer center building, and Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) will allow passengers to purchase or load fare cards on their own without having to wait at a window. Additional shelters will be available under larger canopies to provide shelter from the elements when waiting outside.

Also, passengers and other passersby will also be able to view a large public mural that will be installed near the outdoor seating areas. Another large public mural has been installed as well that faces the 10th Street railroad tracks. Learn more about the large public murals here

The SMTD transfer center will connect by a sky bridge over the 10th Street railroad tracks after the completion of the Hub facility on 9th Street which will include Amtrak services, the county square, parking garage and other amenities.