Sangamon County Elections Price Schedule

Miscellaneous Information $0.25 per page
Precinct List $2.50 each
County Board/ Ward /School/ SMEAA/Library/Fire Districts $5.00 each
Township Lists $10.00 each
Representative Districts 87th, 96th, 99th and 100th $25.00 each
Congressional Districts 13th and 18th $25.00 each
Senatorial District 44th, 48th and 50th $25.00 each
Countywide List $50.00 each
Citywide List (Capital Township/City of Springfield) $25.00 each
If only certain party requested price of above amount.
Any District $.01 per label
If labels are provided, prices are void. Labels must be received in advance.
Precinct $3.00
County Board/ Ward/ School/ SMEAA/ Library/ Fire Districts $3.00
Township $3.00
Representative Districts 87th, 96th, 99th & 100th $3.00
Congressional Districts 13th & 18th $3.00
Senatorial District 44th, 48th & 50th $3.00
Countywide $3.00
Download of Entire Voter Data on CD - Political Committees ONLY
available next day- must run overnight


Urban area (34" x 44")
Congressional/Representative/County Board/Precinct
$3.00 each
Ward/SMEAA/Park/#186 School District/LLCC District $3.00 each
County Area (11" x 17")
Congressional/Representative/County Board/Precinct
$1.00 each
Individual Precinct (81/2" x 11") $0.25 each
Individual County Board or Ward Map (11" x 17") $1.00 each
Absentee Reports / Election Results
Absentee Report - countywide $10.00 each
Absentee Report - Individual precinct $0.25 per page
Election Results - countywide canvass $10.00 per election
Election Results - citywide or county area only $5.00 per election
Election Results - Individual Candidate/Office/Precinct $ 0.25 per page

The individual receiving information must make a sworn affidavit that the information will be used for bona fide political purposes only.

Precinct Committeeperson and Candidates may receive one precinct list and map without charge, prior to the close of registration, and one precinct list after the close of registration.

Chair of the County Central Committee of each established political party shall receive a list, without charge, at least two weeks prior to each election. In addition, lists will be provided, without charge, 60 days after each election with each registrant who voted at that election.