Optical Scan Voting

Voting Instructions


The “Digital Scan 200” or DS200 for short, is designed to tabulate the elections results. After marking the ballot, the voter inserts the ballot into the DS200 which counts the votes. At the end of Election Day, this equipment tabulates all of the vote totals for a particular poll, and the vote results are stored on a secure recording media that are specifically programmed for each election.

The DS200 Tabulator accepts two types of ballots, optical scan paper ballots and  ballot cards from the ExpressVote unit. If using an optical scan paper ballot, the voter marks the ballot by filling in ovals next to his/her choices, then inserts the ballot into the DS200 Tabulator. Whichever type ballot a voter uses, the vote is only counted when the ballot is inserted into the DS200 Tabulator.


The ExpressVote is an ADA compliant device, designed to allow all voters, including those who are visually or physically challenged, to vote unassisted. Ballot choices and instructions are displayed in large print on the touchscreen and can be heard using audio headphones. Voters enter their selections by touching choices on the screen, pressing keys on the Braille keypad, or using a personal ADA device such as a sip-n-puff or foot pedal.

The ES&S ExpressVote machine is designed with a touchscreen to mark a ballot. A voter inserts a ballot into the machine, touches the screen to make candidate selections, and then touches the Print button to print those selections onto the ballot. The ExpressVote only PRINTS a voter’s ballot; it does NOT CAST the ballot, COUNT the votes or transmit any vote totals. The ballot is only cast and votes counted when inserted into the second piece of equipment, the DS200 Tabulator.

Some additional features include adjustable volume, headphones and rocker-panel provided by election officials, screen adjustments for privacy, zoom mode to enlarge screen text, and high contrast mode that can assist voters who are visually impaired.