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Tower Construction Begins for STARCOM21 Radio System

Sangamon County Officials announced the start of construction of all four radio towers necessary for the implementation of the STARCOM21 radio system, a significant advancement in public safety communications. Approved by the Sangamon County Board in 2021, all Sangamon County public safety agencies will adopt this modern, digital communication system, including police, fire, and EMS.

At a total cost of $13.9 million, the county-wide public safety radio system upgrade aims to address communication challenges and improve interoperability among agencies. The project cost, spanning a course of 15 years, will eliminate communication gaps and enhance the ability of first responders to coordinate their efforts effectively.

The STARCOM21 radio system offers enhanced portability, with handheld devices replacing the current vehicle-mounted radios. This feature allows first responders to stay mobile and adaptable in their operations, promoting efficiency and agility during emergency situations.

Chris Mueller, Executive Director of Sangamon County 911, stated, "The implementation of the STARCOM21 radio system will significantly enhance our emergency communication capabilities. It will eliminate existing limitations and enable seamless communication across Sangamon County, providing enhanced safety for our residents."

Sangamon County officials acknowledge the support of Brandt, Bunn-O-Matic, and the Village of Illiopolis, who have generously leased land for the construction of new radio towers; An invaluable contribution to ensure a successful implementation of the infrastructure upgrade.

"The STARCOM21 radio system represents a milestone in enhancing the capabilities of our first responders,” said Sheriff Jack Campbell. “This advanced technology will enable reliable communication across agencies, resulting in faster response times and improved overall public safety."

Once construction is complete, Sangamon County First Responders will have reliable and effective communication. County officials, along with its partner agencies, eagerly anticipate the successful completion of this critical project.

"The STARCOM21 radio system highlights our commitment to modernizing public safety communication,” said Dave Mendenhall, County Board Member and Chair of the OEM/911 Committee. “This investment will strengthen our ability to protect and serve the community, ensuring a safer Sangamon County."


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