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Boards and Commissions

Sangamon County Board Procedures for Commission and Board Appointments

Through the provisions of state law and local ordinances, the Sangamon County Board appoints qualified individuals to serve on over two dozen boards and commissions throughout the community. The responsibilities of these entities are outlined on the attached pages. This document outlines the procedures to be followed by the Sangamon County Board when filling vacancies on these boards and commissions. Also included in this document is the procedure for individuals to express their interest in being appointed a board or commission.

Notification of Available Positions

All expired and expiring positions shall be posted in the Sangamon County Board Office and on the County’s website ( These positions shall be posted for public review no later than two months in advance of their expiration. For example, if a position expires in the month of December, it should be posted no later than October 1st.

Application for Appointment

Individuals interested in being considered for appointment to an open board or commission position can apply in writing by sending a letter to the Sangamon County Board Office. In the letter, the individual should identify the position that they are interested in filling and explain their qualifications for the position. The County Administrator is responsible for assembling all of the letters of interest for board and commission appointments. The letter should be addressed as follows:

Sangamon County Board Office
Board and Commission Appointments
Attn: County Administrator
200 S. Ninth St., Room 201
Springfield, IL 62701

The County Administrator will assemble the letters of interest and have them available for inspection by the County Board Chair and County Board Members as they consider individuals to fill the board and commission positions. Letters of interest are due the 1st day of each month for positions that will be presented to the County Board at their monthly meeting. For example, candidates for appointment that the County Board will receive at their December meeting need to have their letters of interest submitted by December 1st. The County Board would then vote on those candidates at the January County Board meeting.

Qualifications of Interested Individuals

Some board and commission positions require individuals with specific qualifications. These qualifications are set forth in state law and local ordinance. Furthermore, some board and commission positions are required by state law to be partisan public bodies. In review of the applicants for partisan positions or positions with specific qualifications, it may be necessary for the County Board staff to review public records and other required certifications to confirm the eligibility of the individuals to be appointed. This may also require the County Board to ask for proof of qualifications from the applicant.

Approval by the County Board

The County Board Chair shall put forth to the entire Sangamon County Board a list of candidates for appointment at their regular monthly meeting. The list of candidates for appointment shall be submitted one month in advance of any County Board action on board and commission appointments. For example, candidates for appointment that will be voted on at the December County Board meeting shall be submitted to the board members at the November County Board meeting. The County Board Office will notify the appointed candidate in writing of their approved appointment.