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Special Projects and Programs

Along with Sangamon County and the City of Springfield, the Commission assists other cities, villages and special districts with planning activities. This includes the Commission's public participation and outreach work, and work with a number of city and county boards and commissions.

Special Projects

Each year the Springfield-Sangamon County Regional Planning Commission takes on special planning and research projects that provide timely information to state and local leaders as well as residents. SSCRPC regularly monitors State, Federal and other critical agencies to help ensure that Sangamon County and our partnering jurisdictions and organizations have the information resources they need to effectively plan and implement new projects, programs and activities. Consistent with our mission, the Commission also regularly pursues unique projects and special funding opportunities that improve the programs and services we provide.



Neighborhood associations in Springfield and Sangamon County are encouraged to register with the SSCRPC. This registration is voluntary, but is used to inform neighborhood associations of relevant events and activities, let state and federal agencies know about the presence of neighborhood associations in areas where a state or federal project might be planned, and for other planning purposes.


The development and redevelopment of commercial and residential corridors creates special problems for communities as it requires a mix of planning skills. These projects most often require planning that includes expertise in demographic and market analysis, business development, community assessment, transportation, land use planning, and urban design

MacArthur Boulevard Master Plan

The MacArthur Boulevard Master Plan was completed in February of 2011 and can be downloaded in sections below.

Click here for additional information about the Commission's MacArthur Boulevard Redevelopment Project.

Citizens' Efficiency Commission

The Citizens’ Efficiency Commission (CEC) for Sangamon County is an independent, advisory body established by referendum in 2010, with the purpose of improving “local government effectiveness by identifying opportunities for improved cooperation, coordination and reduction of duplication of services among local governments in Sangamon County." Various jurisdictions throughout the county worked together to appoint its 23 members. The SSCRPC is at times also called upon to assist the Citizens’ Efficiency Commission in its work.

Citizens’ Efficiency Commission (CEC) for Sangamon County Webpage


Please direct any special projects and programs related questions or comments to Molly Berns.