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Legal Aid Self Help Center

While you can file a case pro se (representing yourself without an attorney), it is always recommended that you use an attorney. Employees are prohibited from giving legal advice of any kind.  To assist you with legal questions, the Circuit Clerk's office has a dedicated legal self-help workstation at the front counter of room 405.  The legal self-help software can answer several types of legal questions and gives users step-by-step instructions on how to proceed.  

Illinois Legal Aid Online

Sangamon County Legal Information

Filing an Order of Protection for Domestic Violence
Explains how to get an order of protection and includes court forms and instructions.

Getting a Divorce in Illinois
Information about how you can get a divorce, including automated forms

Expunging Your Criminal Record
Explains how to expunge your criminal record and provides forms. 

Suing Someone for $10,000 or Less
Explains the process for suing in small claims court in Illinois

I Am Being Sued for $10,000 or Less
Explains the process for responding to a lawsuit in small claims court in Illinois

Changing Child Support Payments
Explains how to raise or lower your child support payments and give you the forms and instructions you will need.