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How to Register for SAM

Create a Managed Account

Residents are given the option to create a managed account, or simply review and submit their information. Creating a managed account is recommended because it will allow you access to modify your existing notification settings and contact information. 

Set Your Alert Preferences (call, text, and email)

Registering for SAM alerts is 100% FREE and simple. Residents can customize their alert preferences and choose to receive alerts via phone call, text, and/or email.

Register for SAM Emergency Alerts online by clicking Here

Sangamon Alert Messaging System (SAM) Sign Up Tips:

  • Sign Up Your Family and Roomates

It is recommended to sign up all phone numbers associated with your home address. For example, sign up your cell phone, your landline, and your family members cell phones who are living at your residence so everyone receives a SAM emergency alert during an emergency event in your neighborhood.

  • Add SAM's Numbers to Your Phone

It is also recommended to add SAM's two phone numbers 1(866) 419-5000 and 1(855) 969-4636 to your cell phone and/or landline contacts as " Sangamon Alert Messaging System (SAM)." This way, when you receive a phone call from either of SAM's phone numbers during an emergency event, you will be able to recognize the call as a SAM alert rather than easily mistaking the 1-866 or 1-855 number as a telemarketer.