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Quality Based Selection

Professional Engineering services are typically needed in the development and implementation of capital improvement projects. Since many capital projects include Federal funding, professional engineering services follow the typical Federal project phases, described as Phase I (Preliminary Engineering), Phase II (Final Engineering:  Plans, Specifications & Estimates), or Phase III Engineering (Construction Engineering).

The Sangamon County Highway Department Qualifications Base Selection (QBS) of Transportation Professional Services Procurement Process describes how firms are selected to provide such work.  Sangamon County believes their adopted QBS written policies and procedures substantially follows Section 5-5 of the BLRS Manual and specifically Section 5-5.06(e), therefore; approval from IDOT is not required.

The QBS process is conducted by the Sangamon County Board through the County Engineer for the procurement, management, and administration of consultant services.

Project Name





Due Date


Firm(s) Selected

Sangamon County Transportation Center
Solicitation 5/10/19 5/29/19
Hanson Professional Services
Sangamon Valley Trail Phase IV Solicitation 8/29/19 9/27/19
Crawford, Murphy & Tilly
Cummins Engineering Corporation
Hampton, Lenzini & Renwick
Martin Engineering Company/Kuhn & Trello Consulting Engineers
WHKS & Co.
Martin Engineering Company/Kuhn & Trello Consulting Engineers
CH 33 at CH 57 Safety Lighting Solicitation 9/27/19 10/18/19 None None
Construction Manager as Agent for Springfield-Sangamon County Transportation Center


Exhibit B

4/10/2023 4/24/2023

O'Shea Builders

S.M. Wilson

O'Shea Builders