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Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)


The LIHEAP program is designed to help customers who qualify based on income and number of people in the home for a one-time payment that is paid directly to their utility companies.  In some cases if there is funding available the program may be able to help with a shut off notice or propane costs if the tank is below 25%.  If your furnace is non-working and you own or are buying your home we may also be able to assist you.

The LiHeap program will start on September 1, 2022 and end on May 31, 2023.  You can pick up an application at the Community Resource office, 2833 S. Grand Ave. East Suite C100 Springfield, Illinois  62703.

To apply for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

  1. Fill out the application found at the Sangamon County Community Resource (SCCR) Office.
  2. Provide a copy of the following documents:  (We have a copier in the front lobby where you can make free copies of your documents.)
  • Copy of Social Security cards for everyone in the household.
  • Copy of Photo ID of anyone 18 years old or older that lives in the household
  • Copy of 30-day income. - Can be current social security letter, bank statement, paycheck stubs, and child support or retirement income.  This includes social security income for any child in the home.  If no income, you must fill out completely the Zero Income Form; sign and date if for anyone 18 years old or older.
  • Copy of current gas/electric/propane bill and current disconnect notice (if received)
  • Copy of Public Aid printout showing TANF and/or SNAP amounts.
  1. We need a complete file before we can start the potential funding process.
  2. Final eligibility for LiHeap is determined by the documents you provide.
  3. Payment is made directly to the utility.

Weatherization provide energy saving services to home owners who also qualify for LIHEAP.  You must own your home or have proof that you are buying the home.  We offer services such as furnaces repair or replacement, health and safety such as Smoke alarms and Carbon monoxide detectors, attic insulation, wall insulation, air sealing windows and doors, replacing broken glass in windows.  We currently have a two year waiting list but please call the office at 217-535-3120 and asked to be put on the list.  You will be notified when your name comes up.

This program can help those households in Sangamon County living in the Sangamon County Water Reclamation District and is also a one-time payment that is given at the time you apply for LIHEAP if you qualify.

For all programs listed you will need proof of income for anyone 18 and over in the household, Social Security cards for everyone in household, proof of any other income like SSA, SSI, Disability regardless of age, picture ID for those 18 and over, current bills or old bills that you may need help with and other application requests.  Please call the number above to find out more about these programs.

2022 - 2023 Program Year Income Guidelines

Family Size 200% 30 Day Income 200% Annual Income
1 $2,265 $27,180
2 $3,052 $36,620
3 $3,838 $46,060
4 $4,625 $55,500
5 $5,412 $64,940
6 $6,198 $74,380
7 $6,985 $83,820
8 $7,324 $87,892
9 $7,484 $89,803
10 $7,643 $91,714
11 $7,802 $93,624
12 $8,189 $98,265
13 $8,779 $105,345
14 $9,369 $112,425
15 $9,959 $119,505
16 $10,549 $126,585
17 $11,139 $133,665
18 $11,729 $140,745

For family units with more than 18 persons, add $590 (30-day) for each additional person. $7,080 (annual)