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County Board Appointed Boards and Commissions

Board of Health

The Sangamon County Board of Health makes and adopts such rules for its own guidance and the governance of the health department. It may initiate and carry out programs and activities of all kinds that may be deemed necessary or desirable in the promotion and protection of health.

The Sangamon County Board of Health is a statutorily defined board consisting of 8 members. The Board of Health shall consist of at least 2 physicians licensed in Illinois to practice medicine in all of its branches, at least 1 dentist, at least 1 member with experience in the field of mental health, 1 County Board member, and 3 members at-large who reside in Sangamon County. All terms are 3 years.

Board of Review

Board of review is a three member board that hears complaints regarding assessed property and the value for all types of property in a county. The Board reviews evidence and determines the proper assessment. They also review all applications for exempt status and makes recommendations to the Illinois department of Revenue to: approve, deny or accept in part those applications. The Board of Review is also charged with the task of applying equalization factors to the entire county or by township.

Buffalo, Dawson, & Mechanicsburg Sewer Commission

This three member board’s mission is to provide for clean water and sewer service for the Buffalo, Dawson, Mechanicsburg area. The group oversees many aspects of service delivery including, but not limited to: the application of grants, monitoring of infrastructure projects, consulting and contracting of professional services, ensuring and adherence to applicable regulations.

Building Code Board of Appeals

To hear and decide appeals of orders, decisions or determinations made by the building official relative to the application and interpretation of the building code. The Board of Appeals also serves as an oversight committee to the building department and reviews proposed code amendments and operational changes in the building department. The Board serves as a sounding board for current issues and problems. The Board of Appeals consists of seven persons appointed by the Chairman of the Sangamon County Board.

Central Illinois Economic Development

The main purpose of this board is to promote industrial, commercial, residential, service, transportation and recreational activities and facilities, thereby reducing the evils attendance upon unemployment and enhancing the public health, safety, morals, happiness and general welfare of the State. 

Community Service Block Grant Advisory Board

Community Service Block Grants are federal monies given to Community Action Agencies designed to alleviate poverty by funding initiatives that fight its causes, especially unemployment, inadequate housing, and lack of education opportunity. The CSBG Board advises technical staff who administer various programs including, but not limited to: emergency dental programs, prescription drug and rental assistance, scholarship programs and small business loans. The federally mandated tripartite advisory board is made up of five county board members, five economically disadvantaged community members and five members of the business community.

County Extension Board

The Extension Board is an outreach effort of the University of Illinois offering researched based, educational programs to residents of all of Sangamon and Menard counties. U of I Extension's programs are aimed at making life better, healthier, safer and more profitable for individuals and their communities. Board members are asked to carry out the mission of the Extension Board, understand Extension fiscal procedures, assist with securing funding for Extension, and attend Extension Executive Committee meetings and/or Council meetings and help craft policies and procedures for the Cooperative Extension.

County Fire Protection Districts

Fire District members serve a three year term which rotates annually. Each district generally has 3-5 members and each year one member is up for reappointment. Members must reside in the district they represent and are paid a stipend for their time and services. Meetings are generally scheduled to meet at the district fire house.

Deputy Merit Commission

This three member commission is charged with the testing and eligibility of deputies and corrections officers. The Merit Commission also serves as the board of appeals for deputies and correction officers on certain disciplinary issues.

Emergency Telephone System Board (ETSB)

The ETSB oversees the operations and management of the Sangamon County 911 system. This board also oversees the receipt and expenditure of 911 surcharge funds paid on telephone and wireless phone bills. This board is separate and distinct from the Sangamon County Central Dispatch System Board.

Farmland Review Committee

The Farmland Review Board receives certified farmland values from the Illinois Department of Revenue. The Review Board holds an annual meeting to review the values for certification. 

Historic Preservation Commission

The mission of the SCHPC is to identify, protect, preserve and provide for the restoration, rehabilitation and continued use of buildings, structures, objects, areas, sites and landscapes that are of historic, archaeological, architectural or scenic significance; to foster education, interest and pride in the beauty and accomplishments of the past; to promote economic development through protection and enhancement of resources important to tourism and business; to conserve and improve the value of real property and the property tax base; to ensure orderly, efficient and harmonious development; to encourage cooperation between municipalities and Sangamon County.

Five members, who must be residents of Sangamon County, are appointed by the Sangamon County Board. Reasonable efforts are made to nominate at least one attorney, one historian or architectural historian, one architect/engineer, and one real estate professional knowledgeable in preservation. Executive director of regional planning commission is a non-voting ex-officio member.

Lanesville-Illiopolis Drainage District

District members oversee the maintenance and operations of Lanesville-Illiopolis Drainage Retention Area. Board Members make sure the area is well-maintained, in good working order and provide oversight and management of the area.

Local Emergency Planning Committee

Under the Emergency Planning & Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA), Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) must develop an emergency response plan, review the plan at least annually, and provide information about chemicals in the community to citizens. Plans are developed by LEPCS with stakeholder participation. There is one LEPC for each of the more than 3,000 designated local emergency planning districts. 

Mechanicsburg-Buffalo Water Commission

The commission was created to provide a stable, dependable and quality source of potable water to the Villages of Mechanicsburg & Buffalo. 

Mid Illinois Medical District Commission

The Mid-Illinois Medical District Commission is responsible for the oversight and development of the Mid-Illinois Medical District. The Mid-Illinois Medical District's charge is to maintain the proper surrounding for a medical center and a related technology center and provide for the orderly creation, maintenance, development and expansion of health care facilities and medical research/high technology parks. The District was created by Public Act 92-0870 of the 92nd Illinois General Assembly and can participate in real estate development. The Commission is an 11-member Board of Directors where the Governor of Illinois appoints six members, the City of Springfield Mayor appoints five-members, and the Sangamon County Board Chairman appoints one member

Sangamon County Board of Managers

The Board of Managers was created to provide for the management of the self-insurance health plan in a manner consistent with its purposes and with the best interests of the employees of Sangamon County who are insured by the plan. 

Sangamon County Central Dispatch Service

This board approves the policy of the Sangamon County Central Dispatch Service. 

Sangamon County Water Reclamation District Board

Trustees oversee all functions of the operation of the Springfield Metro Sanitary District. Oversight includes review and approval of all policies and procedures developed by the District’s technical staff. Review and approval of financial aspects of the District including yearly budgets, payment of bills, setting of connection fees, establishment of user rates and review of the annual audit report. Personnel duties include development of positions, interviewing prospective candidates for employment and review of disciplinary issues. Board members when acting as the Board of Local Improvements are also involved with the development, review and approval of proposed sanitary sewer projects which may be subject to Special Assessments or Reimbursement Agreements.

Sangamon Mass Transit

Board Members oversee the general direction of the district. They approve/deny service changes, fare increases, collective bargaining agreements, salary and benefits for non-union staff, establish policy and procedures, execute grant applications and represent the district on various sub-committees.

Sangamon Menard Area Regional Transit Authority Oversight Committee

This committee gives advice to the Sangamon & Menard County Boards on the operations of the Sangamon Menard Area Regional Transit Authority. 

Sewer Rebate Board

This board was established to provide oversight of the Sewer Rebate program, facilitate community outreach and set policy direction. 

South Sangamon Water Commission

The Commission was created to provide a stable, dependable and quality source of potable water to the Villages of Chatham and New Berlin. 

Springfield Airport Authority

The Airport Authority owns and operates the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport. The board is entrusted with making and setting policies, approving expenditures, budgetary oversight, applying for grants and the month-to-month operations of the airport.

Springfield-Sangamon County Regional Planning Commission

The SSCRPC’s purpose is to develop plans and conduct related studies for the general purpose of guiding and accomplishing a coordinated, adjusted, and harmonious development of the county as a region, and its public improvements and utilities, in order to promote the general welfare of the region.This seventeen member board is comprised of specified elected officials (three County and three City of Springfield), representatives five special districts (park district, airport authority, mass transit district, sanitary district, and Springfield School District), and appointed citizens (three appointed by the Chairman of the County Board and confirmed by that Board, and three appointed members of the Springfield Planning and Zoning Commission appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council).

Woodwreath Cemetery Board

The Board of Trustees of the Woodwreath Cemetery Association may make any and all rules & regulations for the management of the association not inconsistent with the Cemetery Association Act. 

Workforce Investment Board

Central to the Illinois Workforce system are the local Workforce Investment Boards (WIB). Using local economic development strategies, each of the 26 workforce Boards in Illinois plans, oversees and evaluates workforce service delivery in its community. WIBs assume critical leadership roles in the local workforce system. 

Workplace Safety Committee

This board is organized for the purpose of assessment of workplace injuries and using such information to make recommendations to elected officials and department heads for the prevention of future injuries. 

Zoning Board of Appeals

The purpose of the Zoning Board of Appeals is to hear and decide appeals from any order, requirement, decision or determination made by the Zoning Administrator under the zoning ordinance. The ZBA will hear from any party affected by a zoning matter and render a decision based on testimony and evidence as it relates to application laws and statutes. The County Board Chairman, with the advice and consent of the County Board, appoints a board consisting of five members and two alternate members.