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Public Health

Committee Members:

James Schackmann, Chair
Pam Deppe, Vice Chair
Marc Ayers
Casey Constant
Abe Forsyth
Tim Krell
Gina Lathan
Tracy Sheppard
Greg Stumpf


Description of Committee: 

The Public Health Committee shall a) have oversight of expenditures and hiring approved by the board of health for the public health department, b) perform all other functions in the areas of public health as may be authorized by law, c) be reponsible for developing a solid waste management plan for Sangamon County in accordance with the directions of the Illinois Public Act 85-1198 and d) work with the Sangamon County Department of Public Health in the oversight of the county solid waste plan and enforcement of solid waste laws and regulations. 

Meeting Dates: 

The committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 5:00pm in the Auditorium at the Sangamon South Building.