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Zoning Board of Appeals

The Sangamon County Zoning Ordinance established zoning district boundaries with uses assigned to specific districts and other regulations associated with uses and buildings.  Procedures were also established to allow requests for changes to the regulations when desirable for the public good and using certain, specified criteria.  There are several situations which may prompt a landowner to file a zoning petition including:


  • To allow a different use of the property
  • To facilitate division of the property
  • To construct a building on the property

Zoning Board of Appeals Documents By Year

ZBA Petition Process




If a desired use of a property is not allowed under the current zoning, then a request to rezone is made.   

Conditional Permitted Use
Every zoning district includes a list of uses that are allowed.  There are also several uses that may be appropriate in a particular zoning district but are potentially incompatible with some permitted uses.  These are classified as conditional permitted uses and are only allowed after  County Board approval. 


A variance allows a change to a specific requirement of the zoning ordinance such as yard dimension, height, or lot configuration.