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What can TRIAD do?

A TRIAD assesses the needs of its community. Areas with serious crime problems may focus initially in the areas of crime prevention and victim assistance. Where older persons are not  often targets of crime, the TRIAD may decide to concentrate on reassurance programs, training for law enforcement and involving volunteers within the law enforcement agencies. The TRIAD plans activities and programs to involve and benefit both law enforcement and seniors. TRIAD sponsored activities can include but are not limited to:

  • How to avoid criminal victimization
  • Increased involvement in Neighborhood Watch
  • Home security information and inspections
  • Timely information of current frauds and scams
  • How to cope with telephone solicitations and door to door sales
  • Elder abuse prevention, recognition and reporting
  • Training for law enforcement in communicating with and assisting older persons
  • Adopt-a-senior visits for shut-ins
  • Intergenerational projects beneficial to seniors and youth
  • Emergency preparedness plans by and for seniors
  • Victim assistance by and for seniors
  • Safe shopping days
  • File for Life (Emergency medical information cards)
  • Mature volunteers within law enforcement agencies
  • Speakers bureau available to the community
  • "Is your number up" (House Numbering)