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Duties of the County Treasurer

  1. The Treasurer deposits and keeps the revenue and public monies of the county from all sources and disburses it according to law.
  2. The Treasurer invests funds on deposit according to State law.
  3. The Treasurer uses a computerized general ledger system for paying bills, managing revenues, tracking cash balances, and generating monthly reports to county departments.
  4. The Treasurer reconciles the computerized general ledger system to the financial institutions records on a monthly basis.
  5. The Treasurer manages the relationships with financial institutions including issuing tax anticipation warrants.
  6. The Treasurer maintains trust funds to hold money for a party until a certain action or court decision is made.
  7. The Treasurer assists the County Board and the Auditor in formulating annual and long-term budgets and financial plans and projections.
  8. The Treasurer assists in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the County’s fiscal operation through participation in the Sangamon County Financial System taskforce. This assistance includes performing county-wide training on new systems when needed.
  9. The Treasurer coordinates the collection of property taxes by the 26 township collectors and the collection of mobile home taxes. The public pays the first installment of real estate taxes to the "Town Collector" of the township where one resides and the second installment to the "County Collector" in the County Building. The Treasurer processes all the townships' property tax bills and provides the township collectors with accurate distribution amounts which they make to the respective taxing bodies. The office keeps records of the source of all property tax revenue and disburses it to taxing agencies.
  10. The Treasurer functions as the main contact point for property tax and mobile home tax information for real estate parcels and mobile homes in Sangamon County through a combination of in-person, telephone, and internet based inquiry capabilities to provide 24 hour access to multiple years of information on property taxes.
  11. The Treasurer, assisted by the County Clerk, conducts an annual sale of delinquent real estate taxes, delinquent mobile home taxes and unpaid special assessments.

The Treasurer of Sangamon County also serves as Capital Township Supervisor  see