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Courtroom Locations

Courtrooms are located on the 5th, 6th, and 7th floors.  Room assignments differ depending on the case type. 
For your convenience there are several video monitors throughout the building that will direct you to the proper courtroom.

5th Floor Receptionist: 217/753-6365
5A – Jury Court Room
5B – Jury Court Room
5C – Traffic Court Room
5D – Jury Court Room

6th Floor Receptionist: 217/753-6366
6A – Secure Jury Court Room
6B – Non-Jury Court Room
6C – Traffic & Small Claims Court Room
6D – Jury Court Room

7th Floor Receptionist: 217/753-6367
7A – Juvenile Court Room
7B – Non-Jury Court Room
7C – Non-Jury Court Room
7D – Ceremonial Jury Court Room