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Annual Tax Sale

Date and Location of Sale

November 8, 2024 between 10:00 am to 10:30am at the Sangamon County Complex Room 302, 200 S. Ninth St. Springfield, IL 62701. 

Buyer Registration

Registrations will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. on October 28, 2024.   The following completed documents must be received in the Treasurer’s office by the deadline above. 
1.    Completed and signed Tax Sale Buyer Certification and Registration Form.
2.    Vendor Information and ACH Form
3.    Bank verification letter
4.    Completed and signed W-9
5.    A check for $200 USD deposit from a US bank for the registration fee.
6.    Optional check for $200 USD deposit from a US bank for the tax list.
Buyers must sign a Registration Form and agree to the following guidelines: 
1.    Submit the items listed above by the registration deadline.
2.    Comply with the “Single Bidder” Rule (35 ILCS 200/21-205).
3.    Pay all balances due at the end of the sale using a signed blank check.
4.    No bids on any item where I or anyone I represent have any interest financially or otherwise.
5.    Follow the Illinois Complied Statutes in completing the transactions related to the Tax Sale.
6.    Will not collude, bid rig or conspire with other tax buyers or County employees.
7.    Tax certificates will be titled using the registration information. 
8.    Will not resale or share with other registrants the Delinquent Tax List supplied by the County. 
9.    Accept ACH payments for redemptions and sales in error.
10.  Know and understand the RAMS-2 biding requirements.

Substitute Buyer

If the registrant cannot participate in the tax sale, they may provide the name of a substitute person by 5:00p.m. on November 1, 2024.  The registrant must notify the Treasurer’s office in writing by e-mail or fax. 

Registration Fee

All registrants must check in at the Sangamon County Board Chamber prior to the start of the sale. Bring a signed check payable to “Sangamon County Collector”. Leave the amount blank. Checks must be from a US bank and in US dollars. We accept personal or business checks.

Tax Sale Information

The Real Estate Portion of the Tax Sale will be administered by Joseph A. Meyer and Associates utilizing the Randomized Auction Management System (RAMS-2).   If you have any questions concerning RAMS-2 and the bid file specifications, please contact Joseph A. Meyer & Associates, located at 141 St. Andrews Avenue, Edwardsville, IL 62025 by phone 618-656-5744 or fax 618-656-5094.  The Mobile Home portion of the Tax Sale will be conducted verbally immediately following the RAMS-2 sale.

Buyer Check-in and Bidding Process Using RAMS 2

After registering for the tax sale, buyers will receive via email a bid file with an appropriate filename that includes the buyer number.  The buyer number assigned by the County is required to be in the filename for confirmation purposes.  Bids are submitted by using a USB drive on the day of the sale between 10:00 10:30am.  All buyers must check in and submit their bid file for the sale between 10:00 am to 10:30 am.  A buyer or the buyer’s agent, if identified on the Tax Sale Registration must be present to bid.  Only one bid file is accepted per buyer physically present and registered for the sale.  Bidding starts at 9%. Only one buyer can attend or register from each entity as defined by the Single Bidder Rule.   Bring the following to the sale:
•    A signed blank check from a US bank payable to “Sangamon County Collector”.  
•    A USB Drive containing bids. 
•    Identification.
Buyers will immediately receive an email confirmation that their bids were submitted.  Attached to the email will be a copy of the original bid file submitted, and a Processed Bids file that will show what bids were successfully imported into the system.  The bid file may contain parcels that are no longer being offered, so those parcels and bids will not be imported. 

Once the bids for all the registered buyers attending the sale are loaded into the system, the sale will be processed.  Each parcel will be awarded to the lowest bidder.  If there are multiple lowest bids, a random lowest bid is selected.  The processing should only take a few minutes.  Buyers are not required to wait for all bids to be collected and may leave after their bids have been submitted.   Buyers will receive a text with their results.  Buyers must pay the County for taxes purchased the day of the sale plus any penalties and costs due at that time. The following costs are in effect and will be collected: $20.00 Indemnity Fee, $10.00 Advertising Fee, $4.00 Clerk Fee, $10.00 Treasurer’s Automation Fee, and $60.00 Sale in Error Interest Fund Fee.  The total amount of the resulting bids and fees will be communicated to the buyer as soon as the results of the sale are verified.  

Delinquent Property List (Tax Buyers List)

An electronic version of the delinquency list will be available starting on October 22, 2024 for the cost of $200.  Please indicate on registration form if you want to purchase a list.  The list is available as a flat computer file or PDF.  Printed copies are no longer available.  

Subsequent Taxes

Tax buyers may pay subsequent year’s taxes from September 30, 2024 through November 1, 2024.  The list of active tax sales with unpaid taxes can be generated from the property tax webpage ( using the Report/Forms tab; Choose the For Tax Buyers drop down and then select Tax Sales for Buyer Report.  Enter the report parameters for the tax buyer, tax year and active status with an e-mail to receive the report.   Using the list, please indicate which parcels taxes are being paid.  Drop off the list and a blank check to the Treasurer’s office.  The property tax webpage has four reports which may be useful to tax buyers.  Buyers are responsible for making sure that subsequent taxes are added to the redemption amount.  

Sales in Error

Tax buyers should inspect subject properties prior to bidding on the taxes.  Sales in error will be contested if a previous sale in error for condition was granted.  Normally parcels with large delinquent tax amounts may have had prior sales in errors.  

Additional Information:

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