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Request to Speak

The process for the public to address the County Board is dependent upon whether the matter to be addressed involves a zoning petition or a non-zoning item. 

ZONING PETITION-Members of the public wishing to address the County Board regarding a zoning petition on the board agenda do not need to register in advance. 

When the zoning petition is called on the agenda, the Chair will ask if there are any proponents of the petition and/or opponents of the petition that wish to address the Board. Both proponents and opponents are given two minutes for an intial presentation, and then one minute of rebuttal to comments made in the initial presentation. County Board members may also have questions for the proponents and opponents. When there are a large number of people wishing to speak either in favor or in opposition to the zoning petition, the Chair shall have the right to ask that one or two people serve as spokesmen for a group, in order to avoid duplicative comments. 

NON-ZONING ITEM-Members of the public who wish to address the County Board on a non-zoning item must register to do so no later than 4:30pm the day before the County Board meeting. The written request shall state the name of the person speaking, the topic the speaker desires to address to the Board and the date and time of the meeting. It is also requested, but not required, that the applicant provide a home address, phone number and email address of the person addressing the Board, any County employment relationship or representative capacity. 

Unless waived by a majority vote of the Board members present, total public comment time for non-zoning items listed on the agenda will be limited to thirty (30) minutes. Individuals who have provided notice of their intent to speak on non-zoning items listed on the agenda will be allowed five (5) minutes. A total public comment time for non-zoning items not listed on the agenda will be limited to fifteen (15) minutes at the end of the agenda. Individuals who have provided notice of their intent to speak on non-zoning items not listed on the agenda will be allowed three (3) minutes.

In the event the allotted time for public comment will be exceeded, based on the number of individuals who have provided written notice of their intent to speak on non-zoning items, the Chair shall have the right to allow a reasonable additional time period for public comment on any single non-zoning issue and to alter the order of the speakers in order to ensure that all viewpoints are heard.

  • Written materials or handouts will be permitted. Visual/audio aids may be used so long as they are not disruptive to the proceedings of the County Board and/or present a danger to persons or property.
  • All speakers will be required to address the Board from the designated locations in the County Board Chambers, using the microphone provided.
  • Speakers desiring to influence specific County Board actions are encouraged, but not required, to make an initial presentation at the appropriate County Board standing committee. Each standing committee of the Board shall insure that time is made available for comment by members of the public and employees, subject to the limitations of time and the business of the committee.
  • Speakers shall refrain from statements or remarks that concern the private activities or lifestyles of individual county employees that are wholly unrelated to the business of the county.
  • Individuals addressing the Board shall refrain from statements, remarks or conduct that is uncivil, rude, profane or otherwise disruptive to the conduct of the County Board or which causes a disturbance.

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