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Committee Members: 

Joel Tjelmeland, Chair
Annette Fulgenzi, Vice Chair
Marc Ayers
Craig Hall
Tim Krell
Gina Lathan 
Tom Madonia Jr.
Tom Rader
Paul Truax
Linda Douglas-Williams

Description of Committee: 

The Jail committee has oversight of expenditures and hiring for the Sheriff's department & Coroner's office. The Jail committee shall: a) purchase all necessary furniture, fixtures, equipment and supplies for the county jail, except as shall otherwise be provided by these rules or by laws; b) make such repairs to the jail as deemed necessary from time to time; c) inspect the jail at reasonable intervals to ensure that the premises are kept in sanitary condition and that its rules and the rules of the board with respect thereto are being complied with.

Meeting Dates:

The committee meets on the third Tuesday at  12:00 p.m. (noon) in the Auditorium of the Sangamon South Building.