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District 28

District MapKevin McGuire (D)

Term: 2022 - 2024

Kevin McGuire (D)

617 S. Park
Springfield, IL 62704

As the son of a union carpenter and small business owner, Kevin has always known what it means to work hard and earn everything you have. Integrity and good work ethic were instilled in him at a young age. Kevin grew up in south Chicago with his parents and younger brother and sister.

After meeting his soon to be wife in Chicago, settling down and having their first child, Kevin moved with his family to Springfield, Illinois. It was here where his wife had grown up, prior to attending school in Chicago. Settling down in Springfield was an adjustment from life in a big city, however, he saw how charming life could be in Springfield and grew to love his community. Kevin and his wife Mariah decided to make Springfield their home and had their second child, in 2016.

Around this time, Kevin became more and more interested in public service and giving back to the community. The political landscape was changing and he felt that there was a need to those with decency and progressive values. He began volunteering his time, attending political fundraisers and reaching out to campaigns he believe in. Through volunteering for candidates with like-minded ideals, Kevin learned much about organizing and fighting for Democratic values. In 2018, he chose to run for Precinct Committeeman of the 45th Precinct. Through canvassing, phone banking and fundraising for other local candidates, Kevin has gotten the opportunity to listen to opinions and beliefs of his neighbors. He understands his community and this had driven his decision to take a step forward, running for County Board.

Kevin has worked to become a link between the residents of his district and the board leadership. He strives to find common ground with the majority, provide oversight and raise issues the community cares about, such as neighborhood safety, animal control, public health as well as many others. He serves on Civil Liabilities, Zoning and Land Usage, and Liquor Committees.