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Community Alert: Jury Duty Scams

🚨 Community Alert: Jury Duty Scams 🚨

Sangamon County Residents,

We've been alerted to recent scams in which individuals are falsely informed they have missed jury duty and must pay a fine to avoid legal consequences. Scammers often request payments through gift cards or direct transfers, posing as court officials. Recently, they have called from the phone number (217)527-4150. This number has no association with Sangamon County and is an internet-based number (aka VOIP).

Please note that Sangamon County uses the i-Juror system for all jury duty communications. The official summons will direct you to our secure platform:

💭Key Reminders:

✅Sangamon County officials will never ask for payments over the phone or through emails, especially not via gift cards or any other informal method.

✅Always verify any suspicious communication by contacting official numbers directly.

✅If you receive a suspicious call or message, please report it immediately to the Sangamon County Sheriff's Office at (217)753-6841.

✅You can find all of our contact information at

✅If you have any other questions or concerns about jury duty, you can also contact the Jury Commission Coordinator's Office at 217-753-6715.

Stay vigilant and protect your personal information.

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