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Government Transparency

Sangamon County strives to make governmental functions transparent, accessible, and convenient for its citizens. This website is intended not only to help citizens navigate important transparency information, but to ensure that citizens can understand how county government interacts with their lives and where to find essential information and services. In addition to the important financial and open government information below, resources are available on our FAQ page and on the Elected Offices and Departments tabs on the main page, where an overview of each office and its frequently-requested information is provided.

Elected & administrative officials

County Board contact information is available here.  Other Elected Officials’ information can be found here or in the tab on the main menu. Departments’ Contact Information is also available on a tab on the main menu.  

Meeting Information

The Sangamon County Board meets at 7:00 pm in the County Board Chambers on the second Tuesday of every month, except where indicated on the schedule listed here. Click here for board agendas and here for minutes.

Public Records information

For Freedom of Information Act contacts and submission information, click here. For postings of meeting information in keeping with the Open Meetings Act, click here.

Budget information

For the County Budget, click here for Revenues and here for Appropriations.  Detailed budget information is also available on departmental websites where applicable. Archived budgets are available here. For additional financial information, click here.

Financial information

Financial information, including our most recent Annual Financial Report and Audit Report, is available here.

Expenditure data

Click here for our checkbook register and here for other expenditure information. Sangamon County does not currently have a credit card records receipt, but vendor payments are available here. Archives of expenditure information are available here.

Salary and benefits information

Salary information for all county employees is available here. Total employee compensation (including benefits) is available here.

Contract information

Sangamon County is currently in the process of developing a contracts database for citizen review. For specific contract information, click here. For RFPs and open bid information, click here.

Lobbying associations and professional organizations

The County currently does not maintain contracts for lobbying services; however, elected officials and appointed department heads may belong to professional organizations that lobby directly or indirectly on issues of importance to those departments. A listing of those organizations is being compiled and will be published once completed.

Tax and fee information

Tax information is available from the County Treasurer. For a summary of sales taxes, click here. For a summary of property tax rates, click here. Property tax information for specific parcels can be found with the Parcel Viewer. For local government tax distributions, click here. For individual jurisdictions’ levies, click here. For a County fee schedule, click here.

Other Resources

For the County’s FAQ page, click here.